Andrew Holmes

Director : Architect and Project Manager. Member of the French Order of Architects and Chartered Member of the RIBA in the UK. Welsh School of Architecture, Cardiff. Work experience : London & Paris.

Virginie Rougier

Project Lead : Architectural Designer and Project Manager, Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture Paris Malaquais, Université Kyoto SEIKA, Japan. Work experience : Tokyo & Paris

The Studio

A creative collective composed of architects, designers, professionals in image and communication.

Our know-how is specific to places where people meet, work and interact.
Our experience is in the distinct building and planning regulations of Paris

E.R.P. – Establishments admitting the public

The office has developed a great degree of experience in buildings admitting the public. The specific regulations and constraints of Fire safety, Universal Accessibility and Hygiene have been part of our office culture since our debuts.


We design and manage the building of working environments for our clients, both anglophone and francophone, in city centre settings and in high-rise tower zones of La Défense. This speciality relies on a solid understanding of Ergonomy, French Working Code, acoustics and IT infrastructure deployment.

Hospitality and Restauration

We are very familiar in the technical aspect of spaces for restauration and hospitality, with integration of hvac, extraction and plumbing services, hygiene schematics and the difficulties of cold dish management for fresh foods.


Work in existing buildings

The insertion of our clients’ activities in the existing urban fabric, and specifically in the centre of Paris, has been the backbone of our work for the last 25 years. The preparation of feasibility studies, the commisioning of impact studies, the management of relations with co-ownership syndicates and with neighbouring properties are delicate matters that rely on expérience.

25 years working with Parisian authorities

Over the years we have developed a good understanding of the specific urban and planning requirements of Paris, and we maintain a good working relationship with the local authorities. We have much experience dealing with the Mairie de Paris, the Architectes des Batiments de France, Commission des Monuments HIstoriques. We are frequent visitors to the Fire Security Commission of the Prefecture de Paris and the Commission for Accessibility.

Andrew Holmes founded HOLMES in 2002, following 12 years’ experience in Paris working for the franco-british architects, BAILEY & SMITH, where he was an associate. The office has strong experience in project delivery in Paris and the neighbouring business districts. Our mix of clients, both in france and from overseas, means we are accustomed to working in two languages. Our clients need to be understood, and we are good listeners. The project needs to be understood by local government agencies, by engineers and contractors, and we take the time to explain the project to all those parties here on the ground. Our more specialised partners in structural engineering, acoustical and lighting design, hvac and electrics, are world-class firms able to communicate and document their designs in a transparent manner. Our experience in several fields of building and our training in different countries means we can approach a problem from a number of directions. One size never fits all.

HOLMES ARCHITECTURE • 68 rue Joseph de Maistre, 75018 PARIS • • Tel +33 1 45 44 31 22